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Located in the center of Pleasantville, Elements of Well-being is a calm and nurturing environment in which to address health issues that are disrupting your normal life or holding you back from your highest

Why Acupuncture?

The World Health Organization endorses acupuncture for the treatment of numerous conditions, including:

PAIN of the low back, shoulder, knees, tennis and golf elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, sciatica
Headaches, dental pain,TMJ, facial pain, post-surgical pain
DIGESTIVE issues-reflux, peptic ulcers, IBS, gastritis
PREGNANCY & FERTILITY – morning sickness, labor induction, correction of malposition of fetus, back and pelvic pain, fatigue
SINUS and RESPIRATORY- rhinitis, colds, coughs, asthma, sinus conditions
EMOTIONAL – anxiety, depression, overstressed
and many more....

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